Technologies: Kuban-Polyus, OOO, Russia, ALL.BIZ: Russia
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Kuban-Polyus, OOO

Technologies Kuban-Polyus, OOO

Technology of the production process
1. Stoves are heated only on the husk of the sunflower used

2. The peeled sunflower is crushed on the roller machine

3. After the machine, the mint gets into the braziers, where the necessary water is poured according to our technology, and lightly fried to 80-85 degrees on cast-iron braziers covered with lids, the right time

4. Then this mass is passed through the press (so our oil is still popularly called - press.) Filtered, i.e. cleaned forcibly on the filter press,

5. It cools down and still settles in containers, and it's ready!

Bon Appetit!

Everyone knows that the amount of useful substances contained in sunflower oil can vary depending on the place and conditions of growing sunflowers and the method of processing. One of the best places for sunflower growing is the Krasnodar Territory, part of our homeland Kuban. Our company has been located in the center of Kuban for 23 years. We carefully preserve the "grandfather's", environmentally friendly way of preparing our exclusive method of oil production, this is without additional thermochemical additives and treatments. Sunflower oil belongs to the category of products that we should use in the preparation of food every day, that is, regularly. We fry, stew, bake in this oil, and most importantly, fill salads with it. The low price makes it one of the most affordable lean products, which undoubtedly have a positive impact on human health. Sunflower oil has a complex beneficial effect on the entire body, we remind you that we are talking about our homemade, fragrant, unrefined sunflower oil, 100% natural product.



technologies Kuban-Polyus, OOO Russia, ALL.BIZ: Russia